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Features, Imtex 2015

United Grinding took a prominent position at IMTEX 2015. Its line of products captured the customers’ imagination. Winfried Przybyl, director, India & Russia, United Grinding, said, “Everybody is looking up to the new PM in India.The start was great. Last year everybody was waiting eagerly for the election hoping it will work out well. Now customers are making big plans.” Speaking on the company’s focus areas, he added, “We do not focus on one specific sector. We educate our people and established our office and are ready for the market to pick up. We are ready to offer solutions including surface grinding, cylindrical grinding and tool grinding.

Everybody has certain requirements and we are ready to offer the best and help our customers.” Przybyl feels the Indian market is a growing one. “While India is growing so also is the demand. And in this there is a demand for high quality products. And this is where we see an opportunity. If customers are looking for high quality products then we are their right partners and are ready to support them,” he adds. When asked about investments, he said, “We have invested a lot in the Indian market last couple of years. We also see there’s much to be done in areas like environment, infrastructure, among others.

There is scope for improvement.” He continued, “We have eight different brands and are improving on their quality continuously with respect to machine design to bring in higher speeds and are trying to help our customers in their production speed and the quality of parts. That’s our goal. Customers rely on us and we cannot let them down. Local competitors want to sell machines but we want to sell solutions. We want to constantly grow and offer support to our customers and grow with the market.”

Philippe Selot, manager, marcomm, United Grinding, added, “Our global strategy is tailored to different markets.” Prabhakar, VP, sales, United Grinding, concluded, “IMTEX is a wonderful platform for cross industrial learning.”


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