Ultrasonic machining


Conventional machining processes for the machining of fibre composite materials are often pushed to their technological limits due to their high degree of tool wear, frequently inadequate component quality and insufficient feed rates. And it is precisely here that the innovative ULTRASONIC technology of DMG MORI comes into play. The targeted transmission of an ultrasonic vibration into the longitudinal axis of the tool results in a significant reduction in torsional moment, lengthening of tool life and improved chip break which in turn optimises chip removal. Targeted overlaying of the cutting direction with ULTRASONIC enables clean cutting of the fibres of the material thanks to the increased cutting speed and thus meets the high demands on productivity and component quality. Reduction of the effective process forces by up to 40% results in clean edges thus eliminating fibre pull-out and delamination. DMG MORI has equipped the DMF 260 linear and the DMF 360 linear, among others, with this path-breaking ultrasonic technology. DMG MORI has included the ULTRASONIC 85 with proven monoBLOCK construction for the machining of smaller fibre composite parts.

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