Amazon India to expand sort centre network

Five new sort centres will be launched

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Amazon India will expand its sort centre network in preparation for the festival season. Five new sort centres will be launched in Vishakhapatnam, Farukhnagar, Bengaluru, Mumbai and Ahmedabad.

Apart from these new buildings, Amazon India will also expand the eight existing sort centres to increase its overall sortation area to more than 2.2 million sq ft across 19 states. The expansion will strengthen its delivery speed and connectivity for customers and sellers ahead of the festival season.

Sort centres are central to Amazon’s logistics network and help sort and deliver goods to Amazon delivery stations across the country. The sort centres sort customer packages before these are shipped to delivery stations. The sortation happens based on the location and mode of transportation of the package to customers.

Amazon India uses technology and automation such as Sort Slides and Auto Sorters in its sortation network. Sort Slides allow fast manual sortation of packages. Auto Sorters are fully automated machines that perform end-to-end sorting of packages.

In July 2020, Amazon India announced expansion plans of its fulfilment network by adding 10 new Fulfilment Centres and expansion of five existing buildings.


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