Walplast eyes on 50% additional revenue in the plaster category over the next 3 years

Introduces new innovative product

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Walplast has announced the launch of its new product – BuildWell Ready Mix Plaster (RMP) Spray Plaster. With all of its factories currently back up to speed, Walplast will be introducing the innovative product across Maharashtra which will allow project developers in the state to make up for the time lost due to lockdown.

The uniqueness of this product is that it saves time, labour, cost and it’s the best alternative to traditional (manually mixed & manually applied) plaster for finishing external & internals walls and ceilings. The striking difference between BuildWell RMP Spray Plaster and conventional plaster is that Spray plaster is approximately 2.5 times faster as compared to manual application. While it saves time, it can also be executed with 50% less labour leading to huge savings. The plaster is supplied as “dry pre-mixed” and it is readily available in bags wherein no mixing of ingredients is required which avoids inconsistent material quality. Thereby, it makes negligible wastage and guarantees actual “plaster quality” while conventional plaster does not guarantee the same in terms of strength, cracking, setting time etc.

Speaking on the launch, Milan Thakkar, CEO, Walplast said, “BuildWell RMP Spray Plater was built taking into consideration that we wanted to bring forth innovative products for the customer. Metro cities will face labour shortage and will have to adopt automation techniques in construction. Thereby with this product, we are initially targeting Mumbai and Maharashtra as a pilot and will gradually expand to all major cities. While it still depends on customer reception towards the product, we will adopt an aggressive approach and plan to generate 50% additional revenue in the plaster category over the next 3 years.”

The lockdown has impacted the pace of construction in real estate projects and brought it down to a screeching halt causing delays in project completions. Moreover, labour and technical personnel shortages have affected the project's building, mixing, plastering and quarrying work. This is impacting the revenue growth of construction companies in the near term. Anticipating this delay and labour shortage, Walplast came up with the innovative product which, given the many benefits, would be economical and advantageous over conventional plaster. Walplast will be distributing the product across India.


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