VVDN Technologies, HFCL collaborate on wireless product portfolio.

HFCL Chooses VVDN as the development and manufacturing partner to successfully deliver wireless access points and UBR solutions

VVDN Technologies, HFCL, Wi-Fi 5 based wireless solutions, Harpreet Singh, Make in India, Bhuvnesh Sachdeva

VVDN Technologies and HFCL have collaborated to deliver HFCL's next generation Wireless product portfolio. HFCL and VVDN have pioneered in designing, developing and manufacturing wide range of Wireless Access Points, P2P and P2MP connectivity solutions in India for global market.

Using the latest networking technologies based on Qualcomm Networking Pro Platforms, HFCL's and VVDN's expert wireless teams have designed and successfully manufactured robust, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi 5 based wireless solutions capable of meeting high-performance requirements that are scalable to deliver extreme density and capacity. In addition, these solutions come with a massively scalable cloud-based network management platform that helps the customers manage any number of network elements from anywhere in the world without having to worry about infrastructure scaling in any single location. The solutions have already been deployed in Indian market and many trials are going on with international customers. Further, adapting to the need of solutions to ease out the ever-increasing network pressures, HFCL is working with VVDN to launch Wi-Fi 6 based wireless solutions for Indian and global markets.

Harpreet Singh, Networking and Wi-Fi BU Head at VVDN, said, "We are pleased to be a partner of HFCL which is consistently empowering innovation with introducing new technologies by promoting Research & Development for end-to-end wireless solutions for high-performance demanding networks. With our new Global Innovation Park setup, VVDN has already expanded its wireless manufacturing facility with dedicated SMT lines, product assembly floors which has led to the increase in our production delivery by 4 times. Having successfully deployed wireless solutions based on Wi-Fi 5 with MU-MIMO and beamforming solutions, HFCL and VVDN are now eyeing Wi-Fi 6 – a new wave in the wireless technologies and gear towards delivering a whole portfolio of wireless solutions by last quarter of this year."

Bhuvnesh Sachdeva, Vice President, New Product Development, HFCL commented, "Our product development capabilities are continuously taking us forward as a technology enterprise where we develop products with latest technologies with futuristic approach which are cost effective and have our own IPRs. HFCL has been working with leading telcos to meet their demands on the Wireless Products and Solutions. Our goal was to launch a highly reliable Wi-Fi technology solutions that are globally competitive and truly "Make in India", to bridge the gap that currently exists in the market. Our centers for excellence in research along with invested R&D houses at different locations in India and abroad are working on development of new age technologies. In VVDN Technologies, we found a reliable manufacturing and ODM partner who truly had the capability and potential to deliver as per our requirements and also ensured that we continuously evolve the seamless, connected experiences that our customers demand. We have successfully developed and delivered over 50,000 Access Points, P2P and P2MP radio already in the market and look forward to much more."

"We are proud to partner with VVDN and HFCL as they enable wireless infrastructure products with cutting-edge technologies and are working closely with them to create and deploy wireless solutions based on Wi-Fi 6. This collaboration will cater to both Indian and global markets while helping grow our Make in India ecosystem. This opportunity is a true manifestation of Made in India for the World," said Uday Dodla, Sr Director, Business Development, Qualcomm India.


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