World Environment Day: How the cement industry looks at sustainability?

Cement industry leaders' opinions

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Traditionally, the cement industry is known to be one the polluting industries. However, now the companies are taking various steps to curb pollution and be for sustainable. Here are the messages from the company leaders on the occasion of the World Environment Day.

Jayakumar Krishnaswamy, Managing Director, Nuvoco Vistas Corp. says, "Building a sustainable world is an integral part of Nuvoco’s vision. This year’s theme for World Environment Day is 'Celebrating Biodiversity', which emphasizes the need for nurturing plant and animal life in order to ensure natural sustainability of all life forms. Conserving and replenishing natural resources is an important step towards this goal, and Nuvoco has been steadily making progress through various responsible practices. Our sustainability goal is to reduce waste generation, and overall water and energy consumption by 5% over the previous year’s baseline. Our product portfolio, too, reflects this development; for example, our ‘Concreto Green’ product launched last year is a result of one such effort. It consumes 25% less water but increases the strength of concrete up to 70%; making it one of the best performing products in the areas where water scarcity is a perpetual issue. We are ensuring that we make a net positive contribution to nature by minimizing our environmental footprint while maximizing the value for all our stakeholders.”

Mahendra Singhi, MD & CEO, Dalmia Cement (Bharat) says, “The recent crisis, which impacted the entire world, has brought several dramatic changes to the environment from the past 2 months with a steep fall in global carbon emissions. We have to now explore how - as per our conscious low consumption practices - we can ensure that this reduction is not transient but results in low carbon economy. This crisis has further made all of us to realise that nature is a source of solace, an inspiration, and a teacher and the utmost need to protect it.  This Environment Day, let us all come together and commit ourselves to simplest lifestyles as nature tends to act in the simplest way. I believe we still have the opportunity to reshape and redesign our world in a more sustainable way and I urge all global players, to not only work towards creating a greener environment, but also healthy lifestyles for all.”


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