Unlocking process should lead to conditions improvement: ASSOCHAM

MSMEs should steadily return to normalcy

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Phased re-opening of activities from today, appropriately named as 'Unlock 1' with an economic focus has come in as a great relief for the industry and trade, including millions of MSMEs which should steadily return to normalcy while maintaining utmost vigil against spread of Covid-19, said ASSOCHAM Secretary General Deepak Sood.

''After a stringent lockdown of over two months, the economic dimension of the pandemic had to be considered ensuring both life and livelihood. The Central Government has taken a right call, freeing a large part of the economy outside the containment zones. With these measures, the Indian economy should bounce back steadily but surely, " Sood said.

However, the states need to work in a well-coordinated manner to ensure that the movement of goods and persons, which has now been lifted, must be adhered to. As well-stated in the fresh set of guidelines, should there be a health emergency or contingency for restricting the movement of persons or goods at the inter-state borders, prior information be given to the citizens, achieving the objective with minimum of obstacles.

"We need to realise, for sure, that the country is still grappling with the COVID-19 crisis, reaching a critical stage. Coming weeks would remain critical and the new normal must be respected for the desired results," said ASSOCHAM Secretary General. He said, the Indian industry would closely work with the Centre, states and the local authorities for the continued battle against the virus, that must be defeated with a collective resolve.


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