With its all manufacturing units now operations, Walplast launches new product

HomeSure waterproof putty is an efflorescence preventive and non-curing wall putty

Walplast, HomeSure waterproof putty, Non-curing wall putty

Walplast has announced the launch of its new product – HomeSure waterproof putty. With all of its factories now open, Walplast will be manufacturing and distributing the unique product across India in preparation for the monsoon season.

The speciality of the product is that it is an efflorescence preventive and non-curing wall putty that has been specially developed as a finish coat to cover unevenness and pinholes in plastered surfaces. The putty will help make walls/ceilings ready for painting and can resist efflorescence in plastered walls. While being highly resistant to water, it can also be used as a base coat for primer and paint application. The HomeSure wall putty is also resistant to algae and fungus while being durable and having a long-lasting performance. The difference between the product and other wall putty products is that it can absorb more water and acts as a strong shield that blocks migration of salt to the walls and ceiling.

Walplast’s waterproof putty also has a superior adhesion compared to normal putty products which adds extra strength to the wall and ceilings. Currently available in the market, Walplast will be distributing the product across India


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