NEC India collaborates with Kalyan Dombivali Smart City to combat COVID-19

Sets-up War Room, deploys drones for monitoring the hotspots

Pankaj Bhatiya, NEC India, KDMC, Smart City Operations Center, COVID-19 pandemic, Public Announcement Systems, Kalyan Dombivali Smart City

NEC Technologies India (NEC India has helped Kalyan Dombivali Smart City (SKDCL) by setting up an emergency war room cum command center at KDMC Commissioner’s office to combat the spread of coronavirus in the city. The command center is being used to monitor the movement of people and vehicles, including ambulances and disinfection services, and help maintain law and order in the twin cities. It is also equipped with a dashboard which provides the latest information on all known confirmed cases in the city.

Additionally, NEC India has also deployed two drones for monitoring the hotspots where strict movement restrictions are put in place to prevent further spread of the virus, and installed Public Announcement Systems (PAS) at ward offices and hospitals across the city.

To further support the operations, NEC is in the process of setting up a full-fledged Smart City Operations Center (SCOC) with a video wall to provide the authorities in the control room with instant updates on ground situations from sources, including CCTV and security cameras, in real-time. This will allow the authorities to make informed decisions based on the current scenario. This operations center will play a key role in KDMC’s efforts to contain the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic in the area.

Pankaj Bhatiya, General Manager, NEC India, said, “As the entire world is facing the exceptional implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel it is also our responsibility as an organization to support the society and offer our expertise for the greater good. Leveraging on our strength and available resources, we have set up emergency war rooms at KDMC and other locations with our presence. This will help local administration fight the situation in an efficient manner. All of us at NEC India are determined to help the administration in providing the maximum possible support in the current situation. It is imperative for us to remain focused and come back stronger for a healthy society.”


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