Bengaluru Hospital implement remote patient monitoring system

For Management of COVID-19 Patients

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Technology has been used extensively in the battle against COVID-19. Earlier we have seen, drones being used in Varanasi to spray disinfects while 3D printing being used to manufacture splitters for ventilators. Now, Bengaluru based hospital - Ramaiah Medical College Hospital (RMCH) and Stasis, a start-up have teamed up to set up remote monitored isolation wards to manage suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19, while protecting their healthcare workers and other hospitalized patients from unnecessary exposure.

By allowing medical workers to remotely monitor patients on their smartphone, laptop or central monitors, remote patient monitoring significantly reduces the frequency of contact with suspected and confirmed COVID-19 patients thereby protecting the staff and reducing the requirement for PPEs, which are in short supply.

"We have equipped our isolation wards with Stasis to ensure the highest level of care and patient safety, while also protecting our staff and doctors from unnecessary exposure to Covid-19," says Dr. Anil Kumar, Prof & HOD, Internal Medicine, RMCH. "With a remote patient monitoring solution like Stasis, we were able to set-up a central monitoring station on a different floor to ensure our doctors can manage these cases without having to be in the ward."

Stasis has a remote patient monitoring system that measures key vital parameters like heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, skin temperature, electrocardiogram and non-invasive blood pressure. This solution can be easily deployed in any care setting - be it hospitals, homes or even hotels - to keep doctors and nurses informed about the real-time status of their patients. It automates the collection of data to a central nursing station display, and doctors can access the data remotely, in real time, with the Stasis Smartphone App.


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