Altair and College of Engineering, Pune, to launch CoE on electric mobility

Altair Centre Of Excellence on electric mobility will be set up on the CoEP campus and will enable over 60 engineers to work simultaneously

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The CoEP – Altair Centre Of Excellence on Electric Mobility will be set up on the CoEP campus and will enable over 60 engineers to work simultaneously on electric mobility applications. CoEP will conduct formal PG-diploma courses as part of the student curriculum while Altair will act as the technology partner, providing students with simulation tools and course programming focused on electric mobility.

Altair is a global technology company that provides software and cloud solutions in the areas of product development, high-performance computing (HPC), and data intelligence. Vishwanath Rao, MD, Altair India, said, “As governments push for early adoption of electric vehicles, the automotive industry is in need of talent with knowledge and skills across multiple engineering disciplines. This Centre of Excellence on electric vehicles addresses this need and brings about cross-disciplinary knowledge clubbed with the latest in simulation technology used by global electric vehicle manufacturers.”

CoEP will offer a one year PG diploma which would include courses in energy storage systems for battery management, a bridge course in electric and mechanical disciplines, vehicle dynamics and traction, sensors and controls in electric vehicles, IoT and vehicle communication followed by hands-on exposure to industrial in-plant training.

“Electric mobility has always been the first choice wherever electricity has been available for long distances in trains, for short distances in trams or subways, and even within buildings in elevators and escalators. Electric mobility is therefore a focus area in environmental, economic and social terms. We are happy to have Altair as our industry partner to drive the need of trained technical manpower for the country in this domain,” said Dr Bharatkumar Bhagatraj Ahuja, director of CoEP.

Set up in 1854, CoEP is a nationally recognised institute for technical education.


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