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SCHUNK Intec India, a subsidiary of a SCHUNK GmbH & Co KG, Germany, a leading manufacturer of clamping technology and grippers, showcased its iconic machines and  roducts at IMTEX 2015.Satish Sadasivan, MD, SCHUNK, expressed, “It has been encouraging especially at a time when we are looking for returns. If you look at the last decade, there were ups and downs, and at a good time we have IMTEX as an expression to showcase our strength, possibilities and capabilities. Today IMTEX has become a necessity and we are looking for returns unlike before.”

He feels that IMTEX 2015 has been exceptionally good as expected from and he applauded the organisers for having done a brilliant job to make it the way it was. Some of the products that caught customers’ attention were, magnetic clamping for flexible workholding, and easy clamping, and the Gressel vices, offering reliability and controlled clamping forces.

Talking on electronic products, Sadasivan commented optimistically, “When it comes to electronics we have laser machines which are not yet introduced in India. But this is a platform in which we talk about it. And the new upgrades, workholding and tool holding systems are taking us much higher than what’s available in the market today.” He mentioned that after the last economic recession, the company has picked up momentum, and there would not be spikes but steady growth now.

“India is better known for economic management than technology. So pricing is going to be a concern. Good quality at an affordable price will the focus for all the suppliers in the market including international suppliers. The trend is to have maximum optimisation from the available resource and that will be the focus unlike in the past where it was about flaunting imported machines and their capabilities. Now it’s going to be hardcore manufacturing of good products at the lowest possible cost,” he reasoned. Speaking on the market challenges, Sadasivan concluded, “It is not always the initial costs. It is the total cost of the ownership as well. One of the challenges is man power. We have huge man power but getting the right man power with correct skillsets is difficult. Now with a proactive government, a lot of bottlenecks and hurdles will be removed and we hope to have a stable government. We are ready, motivated and waiting for the start.”


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