SAFCO EROLEC 100, a synthetic oil for EDM


Motultech has launched their new synthetic oil for Electro Discharge Machining (EDM) “SAFCO EROLEC 100”. This product come with lots of good capabilities: It is safe to use, has extremely low evaporation, offers clear operation, and is non toxic. Besides this, is has a very high flash point in segment (>132 °C), high boiling point, is water white colour, with no aromatic content.
SAFCO EROLEC 100 is designed to take care the all the functions of die electric fluid :
Insulation: SAFCO EROLEC 100 insulate workpiece from the electrode and allows disruptive discharge across a spark gap.
Ionization: SAFCO EROLEC 100 creates optimum conditions for the production of an electrical field and then a spark path is provided.
Cooling: The spark has a temperature of 8,000-12,000° C when it punctures the workpiece and so the SAFCO EROLEC 100 cool both the electrode and the workpiece. It also allow the metal gases to condense in it.
Removal of waste particles: SAFCO EROLEC 100 efficiently removes metal particles that have been eroded from the area of erosion.

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