Robot-guided palletising systems


The bottom of each individual pallet is equipped with an interface to the quick-change pallet system, through which they are connected to the machine. Special components, such as the SCHUNK VERO-S NSA plus palletizing module, have been developed specifically for robot-supported machine loading. They are extremely flat and can be integrated directly into the machine table, and leave plenty of space in the machine room for the workpiece and for axis movements. With the patented dual stroke system, they can achieve pull-down forces of up to 20,000 N and holding forces of over 100,000 N. The robust modules even ensure a precise hold under the challenging demands of volume machining. To prevent chips and dirt from endangering the pallet changing process, a positively driven air flow cleans the flat surfaces and the short taper. This ensures a chip-free flat work surface for the pallet. Entry radii on the clamping module enable quick and secure joining, even with eccentricity or slightly inclined position of the pallet. This way, tolerances of the handling system can be optimally compensated. Afterwards, centering rings apply precise positioning according to a reference value, before the clamping slides ultimately ensure form-fitting, self-locking clamping with a repeat accuracy <0.005 mm.
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