Rescale and ANSYS are spearheading a simulation and cloud computing program that enables startups to quickly and cost-effectively bring their innovative products to market. The program will provide qualifying startups access to Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud solutions, Rescale’s big compute resources, and ANSYS Pervasive Engineering Simulation tools, which enable startups to run large-scale simulations on par with larger companies.

The programme removes a key barrier for many startups – access to on-premises and high-performance computing. The ANSYS Startup Program offers low-cost access to ANSYS’ leading suite of engineering simulation products to startups around the world. Through Rescale’s zero-footprint, web-based cloud platform for big compute, program participants can seamlessly run ANSYS simulation tools from a browser window with a standard Internet connection. Companies have access to unlimited computing scale and specialty hardware for multiphysics simulations.

“The ability to provide cloud licensing on Rescale’s ScaleX platform for the ANSYS Startup Program has been the best thing to happen to our company,” said Mike Hollenbeck, chief technology officer and co-founder of Optisys, a program participant. “It allows us to compete in the 3-D printing field, which is expanding exponentially and enabling unprecedented capabilities.”

Within the proprietary cloud-based license provisioning systems, customers can use their existing compute credits for AWS on the Rescale platform.

“By choosing AWS as the foundation of the ANSYS Startup Program’s cloud strategy, ANSYS and Rescale have created a cost-effective solution that is intuitive, reliable and scalable,” said Dave Wright, general manager, Worldwide Strategic Technology Partners, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “AWS is excited to collaborate with Rescale and ANSYS to help hardware startup customers to design and deliver transformational products.”

“Offering a cloud-based big compute solution for the ANSYS Startup Program provides a valuable advantage to startups with big ambitions,” said Matt McKee, director of western region sales at Rescale. “The seamless cloud delivery of ANSYS simulation tools on Rescale’s big compute platform on AWS lets startups compete immediately.”

“Through the power of simulation, our customers are driving product innovation, improving product quality and reducing development cost,” said Paul Lethbridge, senior manager, ANSYS Startup Program. “With AWS and Rescale, we’re providing startups with cloud-based access that also eliminates the overhead of workstation-class hardware and software — empowering startups to allocate more of their funding toward developing innovative technology and products.”


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