Pune EV Startup Launches India’s First E-Cycle with Dual Suspension

The company led by young EV enthusiasts has already sold the first batch of cycles across India

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EV is the future of mobility and with the Indian market yet to reach anywhere close to its fullest potential, the rise has begun and many upcoming EV startups have been developing smart mobility solutions for the GenNext. One of the latest entrants in the sector is a Pune-based e-cycle startup called EMotorad (EM). The company has launched its flagship products - EMX (previously Moovway) and Doodle. They plan to launch three more products by December and February by the name of EM - Cosmos, T-Rex, and T-rex Pro.

Founded by Rajeeb Gangopadhyay, who has been involved in electric cycles and its transhipment to 72 countries over the past year or two. The company aims to bring across top quality electric cycles, which would currently cost way higher in the Indian market at an affordable price utilizing its local sourcing and manufacturing capabilities. With these luxurious, yet affordable e-cycles, the team at EMotorad aims to play a critical role in spreading awareness, engaging end-consumers, and delivering high-end products as per their requirements at a price that won’t burn a hole in your pocket.

The core idea behind developing these e-cycles is that the availability with similar specifications and features is still a luxury for a common man. Although most of the bikes have a short-term life when it comes to battery, motor, bike frame when they are brought in the affordable price range. EM is bringing luxury and comfort at affordable pricing with the best in the class product when it comes to any specific part right from the spokes to the battery or motor.

Looking at the commercial aspect of it, the product sale across the country will be the biggest point of monetizing. EM also plans to add more revenue through accessories sale. And most importantly, the community will be a major focus to drive the audience to buy and spread through word of mouth.

Rajeeb strongly believes in the fact that the local set up will not only help reduce the pricing but will bring about innovations and job creation in various parts of the country they plan to expand in the coming years.
The company is led by Kunal Gupta, who is the CEO and key decision-maker and has been a COO of a leading startup within the mobility industry in the past. Kunal, an expert in building brands has been a mentor and leader at various organizations in the past. Kunal’s management and business intelligence is the key to setting up this organization from ground zero.
Rajeeb on the other hand is a manufacturing enthusiast with an in-depth knowledge of mobility and EVs. Rajeeb's international exposure and leadership are the major boosts to the organization.


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