Continental’s all-wheel 10.00R20 hybrid CHA2 commercial vehicles tyres introduced in India

The 10.00R20 Hybrid CHA2 offers better tire mileage, chipping resistance, and optimizes fuel efficiency

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Continental is bringing 10.00R20 hybrid CHA2 (Conti Highway All wheel) tyre for commercial vehicles (CV) to the Indian market. The newly launched all-wheel tyre offers high mileage, re-treadability, and low cut-chip damage. The tyre is designed and developed to suit both goods and people segment on Indian roads.

Claude d’Gama Rose, head of tyres business, Continental India, said, “The 10.00R20 hybrid CHA2 tyre is developed to withstand high endurance in the most trying road conditions and driving surfaces. The highly durable tyre is designed to ensure minimum stone trapping, and better wet traction, among others. The Indian CV market is highly receptive to fleet operational efficiency, clocking maximum uptime to secure quick returns. With this given precondition, tyres become a vital part of contributing to overall vehicle performance. And our product complements this prerequisite and achieves significantly lower cost per Km.”

It gives the flexibility advantage while rotating them on different axles as a maintenance practice by the fleet. Further, the new cap compound used in the tyres enhances the tread mileage on Indian roads while ensuring a cooler running base and optimal endurance performance. In addition to the enhanced tread mileage, the new cap compound also helps in resisting the cut-chip damage for regional applications. It also features a textile reinforced bead that ensures durability at higher speeds, along with new siping technology, which gives the benefit of stone ejection in the tire.


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