Indian start-up’s disinfection chamber receives order from French President’s residence

Log 9 Materials gets international orders for indigenously manufactured CoronaOven

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Log 9 Materials, a leading Indian nanotechnology start-up, has decided to go global with its indigenously manufactured “CoronaOven” product range. ‘CoronaOven’ is the latest product introduced in the market in an attempt to prevent or limit the threat of surface-to-human-transmission of Covid-19; it is a scientifically-designed disinfection/sanitization chamber which makes use of multi-focal UV-C rays to kill Coronaviruses and other pathogens it takes as low as 2 minutes (after any object is placed inside the chamber).

The company has already deployed a number of variants of its ‘CoronaOven’ product in hospitals, police stations, airports, among other public spaces across India, and is now extending footprints to the European and American markets. As a first step towards this goal, Log 9 has collaborated with Versailles, France-headquartered SSI Group -- a conglomerate dealing in surveillance and security solutions — to process bulk orders for multiple clients in France. SSI Group has already placed orders for a few paid samples of CoronaOven; notably, one of these initial samples will be placed at Élysée Palace, i.e. the President of France Emmanuel Macron’s official residence.

Akshay Singhal, Founder & CEO, Log 9 Materials says, “While outlining his vision and agenda for Aatmanirbhar Bharat or Self-Reliant India, PM Modi highlighted ‘technology-driven systems’ as one of the five key pillars that will drive the required transformation for the nation, and we can’t agree more with him on this. Likewise, in combating the Coronavirus spread and for flattening the curve, science and technology-oriented innovations like CoronaOven are expected to play a big role in the coming days and months. “

Singhal adds, “We at Log 9 are determined to ensure that a life-saving yet cost-effective solution like CoronaOven should reach far and wide and benefit maximum number of front-end Corona warriors and the humanity at large; this is why we have now decided to export the product to international buyers and communities. To this end, we recently got the CE mark certification for our product, and are currently receiving queries for CoronaOven from several European countries. Meanwhile, some institutional buyers from Canada are also in the process of buying the product samples, and our next port of call shall be the US market.”

For many years, artificially generated UV-C ray has emerged as a staple method of sterilization; the process is known as Ultraviolet Germicidal Irradiation (UVGI) and is being used in hospitals, offices and factories, flights, etc. CoronaOven has been built on the same scientific principle and also further validated by an US FDA study which demonstrates that controlled UVC light can permanently damage the RNA sequence of SARS-CoV1 virus. Till date, Log 9 is already manufacturing more than 200 units of CoronOven per day. The company expects to scale up production to 500+ units by the next month, while also optimizing the supply chain, increasing exports, and hence positioning CoronaOven as a globally-accepted product from India.


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