ATS ELGi launches a range of vehicle sterilization solutions

The Ozone Air Sterilizer uses ozone to eliminate harmful pollutants

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ATS ELGi has launched its new range of vehicle sterilization solutions. The Ozone Air Sterilizer, uses ozone (a natural form of activated oxygen) to eliminate bacteria, virus, moulds, allergens, odours and harmful pollutants like volatile organic compounds (VOCs) ensuring a safe and clean in-vehicle environment for small passenger cars, sedans, SUV’s, commercial vehicles- SCV/LCV/HCV driver cabins and even ambulances.

While the lockdowns recede and people begin the transition to their daily work schedules, the general perception points to people assuming that there is a low risk of contamination in a car or vehicle due to enclosed spaces. However, studies reveal that a four-wheeler is a bigger fomite, i.e. more likely to carry infection. Vehicle interiors comprising of several high- touch surfaces, AC units and even the low- contact parts such as the headliner, headrest and window glasses must be sanitised to ensure the vehicle is free from pollutants.

Speaking at the launch Praveen Tiwari, Managing Director, ATS ELGi said “This is indeed an unprecedented time; while many of us are presently indoors 24/7 due to the lock down, containing the spread of COVID – 19 will be critical as we get back to our routines and work schedules. At ATS ELGi, we have endeavored to build a range of solutions that provide each of our customers with a clean and safe in-vehicle environment. Leading the pack is the Ozone Air Sterilizer demonstrating our commitment to innovation and ensuring a smooth transition to the post-pandemic world.”


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