Mahindra Heavy Engines doubles its energy productivity

This is aligned to the company’s The Climate Group EP 100 program commitment

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Mahindra Heavy Engines (MHEL) has announced that company is India’s 1st & the world’s 3rd manufacturing unit to double its energy productivity from a 2016 baseline, in a record time of 4 years, much ahead of its target. This is aligned to the company’s The Climate Group EP 100 program commitment in alliance with The Climate Group.

MHEL has achieved this feat through its membership to The Climate Group’s EP100 initiative, a growing group of energy-smart companies  committed to improving their energy productivity and doing more with less. The key steps in enhancing energy productivity at MHEL included adoption of technology for:

•           Energy efficient lighting

•           Energy efficient air-conditioning

•           Energy efficient motors and appliances

•           Usage of Alternate fuels

•           Smart Metering for Real time monitoring of energy consumption along with other natural resources

The company also ensured manufacturing efficiency improvement through cycle time reduction, production shift optimisation, resource optimisation and built flexibility in the process to avoid addition of equipment.

Commenting on the achievement, Mike Peirce, Corporate Partnerships Director, The Climate Group said, “Congratulations to Mahindra Heavy Engines Ltd on doubling their energy productivity well ahead of their target year. By integrating smarter energy use into their business strategy, they are driving down greenhouse gas emissions while boosting the bottom line. MHEL is the first EP100 member from India to achieve this ambitious goal and is leading by example. We hope the news will inspire many more companies to join the initiative and accelerate a clean economy.”

Vijay Kalra, CEO - Mahindra Vehicle Manufacturers & Chief Manufacturing Operation, Automotive Sector, M&M added, “Energy productivity improvement can bring about an array of direct and indirect impacts that collectively help in ensuring the sustainability quotient of a business. EP 100 journey has enabled Mahindra to reduce cost, drive innovation and support the environment. Doubling energy productivity in short span of time is a feat that we are very proud of.”


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