Beckhoff Automation showcases IoT enabled Scalable CNC solutions with TwinCAT software at IMTEX Forming 2020

Highlights was Open and scalable CNC solutions for machine tools, special purpose machine using PC based automation

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Beckhoff Automation showcased IoT enabled offerings at IMTEX Forming 2020. Speaking on the company’s display, Pavan Sadarjoshi, Application Manager, Beckhoff Automations says, “Our display is in line with the industry’s trend of going digital. One of the highlights at IMTEX Forming was Open and scalable CNC solutions for machine tools, special purpose machine using PC based automation. The advantage is that they can be configured as per the customer’s needs. It is coupled with the fast EtherCAT fieldbus system and universal TwinCAT automation software for CNC machining. It can be deployed in various industries wherever including plasma cutting.”

Continuing further he said, “We also had Umati IPC on display. Umati is a universal machine tool interface, which is a common platform to get data from the field tools. It offers manufacturers the flexibility to dump their machine data, like identification, controller status, machine running status, etc. The secure exchange of data helps mangers to streamline production.”

Highlighting on the trend of automation Sadarjoshi mentioned, “Now, Indian SMEs are realising the importance of automated systems. Although it is an initial investment, it saves cost in longer run. It allows the management to see and analyse the production data. As a result of monitoring job made simple, they are at peace.” 

Beckhoff also displayed the distributed and standalone Safety solutions ‘TwinSAFE’ fully integrated in EtherCAT bus I/O system making the machine control more safe, efficient and reliable. Safety awareness in increasing within the industry and machine builders.

Over 400+ EtherCAT fieldbus modules for various signal types are offered by Beckhoff which were on display.

Beckhoff booth at IMTEX Forming generated huge interest amongst the Machine builders, end users, system integrated with largest footfall at the booth during the 6 days event.


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