FPT Industrial showcases two new marine engines

One for the heavy commercial missions while the other serves the purpose of light commercial applications

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FPT Industrial is showcasing two new engines that add further advantages to its marine lineup: the C16 600 and the N67 450 N at Metstrade Show in Amsterdam.

C16 600

The C16 600 brings top performance and low operating costs for heavy commercial missions, in applications such as cargo ships, ferries, tugboats, trawlers and workboats. Though it has a displacement of almost 16 liters, the model maintains the compactness and lightness of a 13-liter engine.
Its maximum power of 600 hp and torque of 2,680 Nm translate into increased cruising and maximum speed for various operating conditions, as well as more torque at low speed, which is ideal for carrying out operations and manoeuvring.

New and improved components and systems secure the engine’s position as best in class in terms of durability and reliability, with more strength, improved lifecycle, and more resistance to heavy-duty conditions. Compared to competitors in the same product category, the engine is also in the top position in terms of maintenance intervals and fuel consumption, resulting in low operational and maintenance costs. The time between overhauls (TBO) is more than 30% longer than what the competition offers, and the maintenance is easy to perform.

The C16 600 project and technologies were designed for maximum reduction of noise and vibration and the engine has a low environmental impact, complying with the main international emissions legislations.

N67 450 N and N67 170

The versatile N67 450 N is designed for both pleasure and light commercial applications for cruisers and yachts up to 12 meters and missions such as passenger transport, military and state bodies, pilot, rescue and light fishing. This engine represents an evolution for FPT’s marine NEF family, reaching a wider range of boats suitable for any kind of mission and operating condition.

With maximum power of 450 hp at 3,000 rpm and torque of 1,305 Nm at 1,800 rpm, the N67 450 N offers the best solution for different kinds of applications: high speed and best transient planing for pleasure boats, best low end torque and low operating costs for light commercial vessels.

Enhanced cooling and starting systems provide better startability in cold areas, more durability and lower environmental impact. Among its many advantages, the engine meets the latest and most stringent international emissions regulations, enlarging - vs. its previous version - its commercialization areas to North America. For the European market, this engine, with the same technological advancements, will be commercialized in a specific version, N67 170, rated at 170 hp / 2,300 rpm complying with the stricter requirements of the Inland Waterway Vessels (IWV) Stage V.


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