Hyundai launches Hydrogen World in China

Hyundai Hydrogen World showcases Nexo fuel-cell electric vehicle, hydrogen powertrain technologies and energy solutions

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South Korean auto major Hyundai has opened its Hyundai Hydrogen World in Shanghai, China. This is an exhibition hall dedicated to the Fuel-Cell Electric Vehicles (FCEV). It displays the automaker's Nexo FCEV model, hydrogen powertrain technologies as well, which the company portrays as a solution for the sustainable future.

Spread over 406 sq mt, the oval-spaced Hyundai Hydrogen World offers all the information one needs to know about hydrogen fuel cell technologies, claims the automaker in a release. Visitors can experience and learn about future mobility technologies and services, particularly how hydrogen contributes to the sustainable economic and social development of China and the world.

Byungho Lee, President, Hyundai Motor Group (China) Ltd, said, "Through the Hyundai Hydrogen World, we aim to spread understanding of our technological competence and vision for a global hydrogen society, which we have uniquely accumulated over the years."
Lee also said, "Hyundai Motor Group will actively respond to the Chinese government’s new energy development policy, and plans to provide information related to the fuel-cell electric vehicle to a wider Chinese audience."


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