Walter AG is releasing the new TC620 Supreme thread milling cutter in diameters up to M20

Threading with maximum productivity and process reliability

Walter Tools, Supreme thread milling cutter, TC620, M20 diameter, Chip evacuation, Threading in manufacturing

High cutting pressure and tool deflection are the greatest challenges when it comes to thread milling. This results in restricted cutting parameters, necessary cutting passes and short tool lives or even tool breakage.

With the TC620 Supreme universal thread milling cutter, tool wear is drastically reduced thanks to minimal cutting forces and the resulting high feeds per tooth. The multi-row concept not only reduces the machining time and wear, but also improves process reliability and handling – even when used with more demanding materials such as stainless steels or Inconel 718.

Reliable chip evacuation, thanks to internal coolant, and simple handling of the TC620 Supreme guarantee maximum process reliability.

Radius corrections are seldom necessary, and when they are required, it is often only once competitor tools have already reached the end of their tool life.

Walter is launching the TC620 Supreme for thread depths of 2 and 2.5 × DN in the dimension range from M4 to M20 as well as UNC 8 to UNC ¾.


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