Privi Organics Gains Real-Time Employee Insight Across Multiple Locations, and Enhances Competitive Edge with HCM Cloud


Privi Organics Ltd. (Privi) is one of India’s leading companies that manufactures, supplies, and exports aroma chemical products to customers in different continents, including Europe and the United States. Through its state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities across multiple locations—including Mahad, and Gujarat—and two world-class research and development (R&D) labs, Privi gradually expanded its business from manufacturing only two products in 1992, to more than 50 products today, with a production capacity of 15,500 tons per annum. It also develops and produces new aroma chemicals products to meet customer specific requirements.

To sustain 30% annual growth and enhance competitive edge in the fragrance industry, Privi strived to bring more innovative products to the market and deliver exceptional value to customers.


  • Use a single human capital management (HCM) system across multiple locations—including head office in Mumbai and seven aroma chemical manufacturing facilities in Mahad and Gujarat—to ensure consistent HR policies and processes, improve employee data accuracy, and support staffing demands in each location
  • Reduce attrition rate by providing greater visibility into staff performance history and key competencies and enabling the HR team to rapidly develop appropriate reward and training programs to retain talents in the fragrance industry
  • Improve staff productivity and satisfaction by allowing users, such as chemical engineers, to easily access and update information, such as adding PhD qualification to their profile
  • Increase competitive edge and support growth by enabling managers to set and track individual performances and development goals based on business priorities, such as developing innovative aroma chemical products


  • Gained real-time insight into individual employee information—including performance rating and compensation history—and supported faster HR decisions, such as promotion or transfer, by integrating all employee records across head office and all manufacturing plants into Oracle Human Capital Management Cloud (Oracle HCM Cloud)
  • Supported hiring demands—recruiting on average 100 vacant positions annually with approximately 25 highly skilled positions in each location—by using Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud to automatically capture candidate information and track the hiring progress instead of using a manual process
  • Reduced attrition rate by gaining ability to view and compare employee’s self-evaluation rating and the manager’s final rating side-by-side, making it easier for managers and the HR team to identify and reward high-performing employees, and minimizing the risk of losing talents, such as chemical engineers in the R&D team
  • Enabled HR team to issue appointment letters in one day rather than taking up to 30 days previously by embedding HR policies within onboarding process, such as requiring new hires to upload mandatory documents to Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud before their start date, and ensuring best practice
  • Created headcount reports up to 50% faster by using a highly visual manager dashboard to view and monitor hiring status in multiple locations, such as number of open positions and the time taken to fill positions
  • Improved staff motivation by enabling workers to provide comments for each competency and goal and helping managers to better understand and communicate about topics such as career aspirations and training needs during the performance evaluation conversation
  • Increased visibility and efficiency of quarterly appraisal cycle by giving managers the ability to quickly review performance rating history for the previous three years and drill down into more details with the entire PDF performance document, thanks to Oracle Performance Management Cloud Service
  • Enhanced user experience and productivity by enabling staff members, including shop floor workers, to rapidly access and update personal information, such as competencies, degrees, or contact details, via an intuitive self-service dashboard anytime, anywhere, instead of using a designated computer in the manufacturing facility
  • Enhanced competitive edge and attracted more top talents by adopting an advanced, flexible, and intuitive Oracle HCM Cloud, leading to improved new hire experience and confidence
  • Supported growth by giving managers the flexibility to assign new goals or shift goals at any time with Oracle Goal Management Cloud Service rather than once a year with the legacy system
  • Improved HR productivity by automating and standardizing policies and processes for all manufacturing facilities and enabling the HR team to focus on strategic tasks, such as defining technical training programs or employee engagement activities, instead of administration or data management work
  • Enabled managers to easily set and track organizational goals, such as producing green aroma chemicals products, and align development goals for each employee, such as taking two technical training programs and one behavioral program in one financial year, with business priorities


After evaluating multiple vendors, Privi replaced its legacy system HR Align with Oracle HCM Cloud—including Oracle Human Capital Management Base Cloud Service, Oracle Performance Management Cloud Service, Oracle Goal Management Cloud Service, Oracle Transactional Business Intelligence for Human Capital Management Cloud Service, and Oracle Talent Acquisition Cloud—to modernize HR processes and ensure best practices. With support from senior management team and Oracle Partner, OLR, Privi went live with the new HCM cloud platform in just five months.


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