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Multifunction power and energy monitor, MFM-96S is microcontroller based with MODBUS RTU protocol and is indigenously designed, tooled and manufactured by the R&D department of MECO. MFM-96S eliminates usingconventional panel with 10 different meters. It save more than 50% of the cost in panel, as it reduces the size of panel, with one MFM-96S having 10 parameters and very little wiring. The model is built with four rows, super bright red LED displays with four digits resolution and eight digit resolution (energy import-export – four quadrant operations). It has inbuilt memory to store CTR, PTR, inst. address, password and energy reset facility. The MFM-96S is Ideal to monitor and acquire power data from generator, remote monitoring, building management system, PLC’s/SCADA application, energy audit, QC testing, power management, etc. RS485 port with MODBUS protocol and power master software to store parameters on the PC is optional.

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