"We quickly introduced an advanced product where enterprises can get back to business safely and effectively"

Dhiraj Nauhbar, CEO and co-founder, DROR, on measures they have launched to combat Covid-19

Dhiraj Naubhar, DROR

DROR launched as a citizen safety / women safety app, how did social distancing feature come into play?
Considering the recent COVID-19 outbreak, an improved situational awareness took primacy in managing and containing the spread of the pandemic. Following which, DROR, as the country’s leading personal safety product, launched a feature to ensure social distancing compliance. We realized very quickly that this is perhaps the most effective technique in containing the spread of the virus.

Essentially being a Safety App, we believe that new name of “safety” during pandemic is “Social Distancing”

Tell us more about DROR's social distancing solutions. What kind of response have you received so far?
DROR uses smart and niche technology to identify and inform its users about physical distancing violations. The app user is instantly informed if another user comes within the 2 to 2.5 metres radius. This preventive approach helps users to proactively maintain the safety norms, instead of relying on memory.

We make this interesting by providing scores to our users every day. Violations in social distancing results in score drops. They must ensure that the score drops are minimal.

The response has been outstanding. We have ensured countless people follow the safety guidelines and perhaps averted many serious cases. For us, even 1 life saved is equally important

You also launched an enterprise solution as a part of a social distancing feature. What was the trigger to introduce this?
Witnessing the impact of COVID on businesses, we felt that the need of the hour would be for businesses to reopen safely and get the economy rolling once again. At the same time, safety is of utmost importance given the contagious nature of the disease. Hence, we quickly introduced an advanced product where enterprises can get back to business safely and effectively.

On top of the social distancing feature we introduced self-health declarations, containment zones alerts and effortless “time-stamp” based contact tracing. Our app is multilingual and can be easily understood by every user.

As soon as an enterprise registers with us, the employees get access to the DROR enterprise safety app. Daily their self-declarations are maintained, and possible vulnerabilities are eliminated before the employee enters the premises. Post that, social distancing compliance is ensured for every employee.

Containment zones are updated within 12 hours as per government guidelines.

We provide an exclusive dashboard for respective senior associates / managers to get an in-depth analysis of their organisation’s/branch’s performance with regards to social distancing, self-declarations and contact tracing.

Contact tracing, our most powerful feature helps businesses save time & money. In case a user is found COVID positive, the business can track all the users who met the employee including the recommended quarantine days. Before DROR, a business would quarantine every possible contact for 14 days. So, if 10 people are quarantined, it results in a loss of 140 man days. Post DROR, the business precisely knows whom to quarantine and for how many days - depending on the time and duration of contact. Every employee need not be quarantined for 14 days. We have seen businesses save nearly 50% to 60% of their man days through this feature.

We have also introduced touchless temperature measurement for businesses. The data is directly linked to the employee mobile app and the dashboard. This reduces manual intervention and risks greatly. The need for a guard is rather eliminated.

Apart from this, DROR also provides wristbands to ensure social distancing. This seamlessly integrates with the dashboard. A cost effective and powerful replacement for a mobile phone.

Please elaborate on your recent association with Metalman Auto. How are you planning to help many more enterprises with your enterprise solutions?
Metalman Auto is a manufacturer of sheet metal and tubular fabricated assemblies for the automotive industry. They are back to work in full swing without impacting productivity.

Currently, we are working closely with 100+, very respected enterprises, many in pilot stage. We are looking forward to helping every business - get back to business - safely. This is our core expertise and hence, we have priced our solutions accordingly - affordable, fast, and reliable.

How are these enterprise solutions helping HRs to go contactless and practice best social distancing measures at workplaces?
The biggest intangible benefit is the peace of mind and primary focus towards execution/work rather than safety. Apart from that, the product also gives in depth analysis of social distancing compliance and contact tracing.

Using location fencing, we help employees learn about containment zones and provide the information to the HR on their fingertips. The employee’s attendance is also marked automatically when he or she enters the office premise without manual intervention.

HRs can also send important announcements from any to every employee without having to meet them physically.

The touchless temperature measurement system is quite a success amongst many HRs for its sheer ease of use, safety compliances and real time information tracking.

It is this data that empowers HRs to take accurate decisions that push the businesses forward.


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