Technology enables safer environment

Prakasan TP, CEO, MEP Business, Sterling and Wilson speaks to Manufacturing Today about how the company ensures safety of its staff at site and also how technology enables to maintain required standards.

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Please tell us about your company’s approach towards safety.
Sterling and Wilson has always been committed to safeguarding its people. We have a comprehensive policy in place to ensure the health, safety, and wellbeing of employees. Amid the Covid-19 pandemic, our approach towards safety has become intensive. We have updated our pandemic control plan and emergency protocol, as per the directives from Central and State governments and local authorities. As COVID-19 is a highly contagious disease, it is challenging to eradicate all probable causes of the spread. But we strongly believe that together by adopting the right approach and practicing safe site operations, we can control the contagion.

How has pandemic changed the safety regulations in your company?
Being an EPC company, the health and safety of employees are always our top priorities. To maintain the new norms of physical distancing and provision for personal hygiene management at the workplace, we are practicing regular sanitization of the workplace in each shift, providing personal protection gears, like face masks, face shields, etc. We have added to the overall safety rules and regulations by including flexible work hours, rearrangement of the sitting arrangement, change in lunchtime schedule and providing additional transportation shift.

Coronavirus has changed the whole dynamics of safety at project sites and workplaces. To cope with the situation, the company has adopted stringent safety measures as per the guideline issued by the Central and State Governments, local authorities, and other bodies appointed by the Hon’ble Court(s). These guidelines are prepared considering the precautions before and after the resumption of site operations. There is a dedicated channel to sanitize people before they enter or exit the premises and scan body temperature.

Technology helps the compliance of safety to a great level. Please tell us what technologies you are using to maintain safety regulations.
To mitigate the risk of infection by COVID-19 at our sites, apart from the basic safety procedures, we are taking the help of technology at multiple levels. We are using technologies in our routine operational procedures like sanitization through a battery-operated sprayer, remotely operated fumigation, and screening of individuals through contactless infrared thermal temperature gun. Additionally, we are doing contactless hand sanitization, revision in air conditioning SOP for induction of fresh air to maintain changes per hour at the workplace, sanitization of tools, and vehicles. 

Besides normal safety gears, what additional investments has your company done to ensure safety regulations?
We have decided to use some advanced technologies such as AI-enabled IP cameras to monitor social distancing, face protection, automated thermal sensors with datalogger at the entry point, to avoid any human intervention, and a fully automated photo sensor-based disinfection tunnel at the entrance.


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