Providing safe and healthy work environment is a priority

Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses reveals company’s safety initiatives in the pandemic situation

Uttam Malani, Executive Director, Centuary Mattresses, SleeptimeStories campaign, COVID-19, Centuary Protect, Safety

Please tell us what are the precautions you using to maintain safety regulations?
We have developed “Centuary Protect” where we cater to 3 elements in 3 different routes which include plant, retail and exclusive stores, etc.  At the plant, we have arranged a disinfection zone/Arch at the gates. We provide masks, gloves, protective coats, etc. at the entrance by security staff. Maintaining social distancing is one of key norms for everyone. Every morning, we are conducting training session on hygiene factors and motivation which is also an incentive upon adherence. Every day all the machinery undergoes the disinfection process at the time of opening and closing. And disinfect the machine after every person using it and before another person uses the same. Every area is provided with washbasins with handwash soap and hand sanitizers (without human touch mechanism).

At Retail and Exclusive Stores, to protect the consumer and store staff, we have developed “Centuary Protect” – A guide to Mattress Store with complete end to end protection and hygiene factors to follow. Every touchpoint is under sanitization. We follow guidelines strictly for store opening, for store display as well as store closing. During this pandemic, we have formulated certain guidelines for day to day functioning which apply for stock receiving, customer delivery and also for Retail Sales Associates etc.

How Technology helps the compliance of safety to a great level?
Scarcity is the source of innovation – fear translated through proper channelization results in the act that was no attempt in the past. We intended to make it more convenient to all our stakeholders, apart from all equipment required for hygiene. we also worked on the psychology aspect through developing films like safety, Sleeptime Stories to keep them in balance both emotionally and physically through mediums – Social Media, WhatsApp Group messages, Video Conferences to keep in touch. Thanks to data capacity available today in India where it has reached tier3 towns too, this has made access to information possible. Exactly we use it optimally and connected with all our stakeholders and customers to spread the safety message through the above said methodology.

How has pandemic changed the safety regulations in your company?
During the pandemic, we are taking precautions to ensure the safety of the Centuary Mattresses community, including our employees, their families, customers, and prospective customers, partners, and visitors. There are changes that came into existence in our everyday lifestyle– what once was perceived as myth was rolled out and suddenly became reality. Healthcare has been a sector that has suddenly come to life through these last few months, and as a responsible corporate, we have endeavoured to service every requirement which has come our way even though the rigorous lockdown has seen in the last few months. As we continue to navigate the uncertainty of the Coronavirus and work to lower the curve, we understand that many of our customers and brands are struggling to find ways to stay active and in touch with their communities. At this moment right information must go out to the customer.

Please tell us about your company’s approach towards safety and consumer engagement?
As a reputed brand, our top priority remains in providing safe and healthy work environment to our employees. We also hold a responsibility to support our communities. As the consumers' purchase patterns have been changed drastically, supporting them in these hard times is very much important. COVID-19 impacted everybody psychologically and physiologically which resulted in chaos in life. The other aspect of this is that people are now more focused on health and wellbeing than ever before. We at Centuary Mattresses have drawn a roadmap for implementing a holistic solution that will benefit all our stakeholders; be the company itself, employees, suppliers, dealers, retailers and most importantly our customers.

In continuation to our efforts in engaging with our audience during the lockdown period, we have organized campaigns like ‘KaroNa’ wherein we motivated people to start learning to play musical instruments, indoor games, have a family discussion to enhance the bonding, etc., we thought of making it more interesting and provide relief from boredom to all our audience through an interesting SleeptimeStories campaign which is still running. Sleeptime or bedtime stories are the most cherished moments of everybody’s life; be it grandparents, parents, and kids as well. So, we wanted them to more relevant and non-preachy. Therefore, we made them light-hearted, hopeful, and value-driven stories clubbed with fun. We introduced a storytelling expert who interestingly narrates a specific story on social media platforms to impress the audience of every age group. The activity is helping the audience to inculcate a habit of sleeping on time leading to a night of better sleep and feel relaxed in the morning.


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