"A lot of hard work and investment goes into R&D, product development"

Kiran Dham, CEO, Globus Infocom, on what makes the company tick

Kiran Dham, Globus Infocomm, R&D, Security & surveillance, Human Body Temperature Detection Thermal Cameras, Contactless IR Thermometer

Tell us about your company and any other segment you are planning to come up with?
Globus Infocom has been a leading technology provider in the field of Education Technology, Digital Signage and Security & Surveillance. Started around 2 decades ago, the company’s objective was to provide comprehensive, all-inclusive solutions to different organizations so that users don’t have to go door to door to procure different products and services. The highlighting feature of our brand is that we provide world-class infrastructure along with our technologically-advanced solutions giving a digital transformation to our users’ premises.

Globus Infocom is a Make in India brand with its own highly-equipped manufacturing facilities manned with skilled professionals with years of experience in technology. We also have our complete range of products listed on GeM (Government e-Marketplace) and have successfully delivered world-class technology to different state-run organizations along the length and breadth of the country.
Our company also has an impressive customer repeat rate with more than 50% of repeat orders. This is partly because Globus Infocom not only provides products and solutions to their users but also provides immaculate after-sales support and detailed training & demo sessions. With our holistic approach, we have been able to provide a one-stop solution for our customers’ technological requirements.

Recently, we have expanded our range to Healthcare & Wellness segment to equip our public places, organizations and healthcare facilities with technologically-advanced products and solutions.

Explain about your new initiatives?
Recently, our company has expanded our vertical from existing Education Technology, Digital Signage, Security & Surveillance to Healthcare & Wellness. Our segment includes holistic, technology-driven solutions for early detection, isolation and management of suspected cases of any infectious illness. After the intensive research and diligent efforts of our product development team, we have developed solutions that aim to control an outbreak at public places, organizations, industrial units, offices and healthcare facilities. This vertical has innovated and improvised high-end technology solutions to create a safer & healthier world for everyone by curbing the spread of viral infections.

Early Discovery can be achieved via Human Body Temperature Detection Thermal Cameras & Contactless IR Thermometer while our range of Automatic Hand Sanitizing Digital Signage Kiosk, Disinfectant ULV Fogger, and UV Disinfection Sterilizer can be deployed to prevent diffusion by increased awareness & sanitization. By installing the Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine & AI Face Recognition Temperature Detection Terminal System, organizations can easily facilitate controlled access to critical areas & start early isolation. Also the advanced AI enabled enterprise GVMS allows early reporting with evidence management to take earliest action.

Being an edtech solution provider company, why have you planned to enter the Healthcare & wellness segment?
Globus Infocom is a trusted brand among various organizations in India. Our existing customers are very satisfied with our services and therefore, they encouraged and pressurized us to introduce this vertical in our line-up. Our Healthcare & Wellness vertical beautifully synergizes with our existing products to create a digitally-empowered as well as safe environment for all.

What products you are offering in Healthcare and how it will benefit the people/companies?
We have introduced products like –
1. IR Thermometer & Thermal Cameras
2. Automatic Hand Sanitizing Digital Signage Kiosk
3. Disinfectant ULV Fogger
4. UV Disinfection Steriliser
5. Face Recognition Time Attendance Machine & AI Face Recognition Temperature Detection Terminal System

We have launched products for corporates, healthcare establishments and other heavily- crowd places, that are highly helpful in tackling spread of any pandemic across the masses by early detection of body temperature. Since we know that fever is one of the symptoms in all types of viral infections, this parameter can be used to prevent diffusion of infected individuals among healthier ones. Our products and solutions are completely designed and manufactured in India in accordance with Indian demographical & environmental conditions.

How are you coping with the loss that happened at the time of lockdown?
We are an innovative company. While we are affected moderately, we are gearing up for the resurgence in demand expected because of the lockdown being lifted gradually. Globus Infocom is prepared enough to easily tide through such low times and identify growth opportunities amidst the ongoing crisis. Being the pioneers in the education technology industry, we can easily foresee the increase in the demand of e-learning, cloud based learning & business solutions. Whole world is turning towards going digital and we are more than ready to help schools, organization and institutions to carry on with their regular business without any interruption.

Also, being an organisation with a visionary mindset, we have been focusing upon bringing out the positive from this scenario and leaving the negativity behind. In such circumstances, we have come up with our newest vertical Healthcare & Wellness to ensure safety and well-being of citizens of this country as the economy begins to open up gradually. Our company is also well-prepared to take on the surge in demand in e-learning solutions, virtual classrooms, digital technology, digital signage and smart security & surveillance solutions as the country comes out of the lockdown.

How much have you invested to launch new products and how is the demand you are seeing?
A lot of hard work and investment goes into R&D, product development, product testing, creating an ecosystem for manufacturing for these products. Keeping everything in mind, we have invested and are still investing a decent percentage from our accrued profits into our Healthcare and Wellness vertical. The demand for these products is encouraging and rising. We have introduced these new products in our line-up with an aim to contribute our bit to the society being a responsible corporate citizen.

What are your plans for 2020-2021?
As of 2020, Globus is a very strong brand in an institutional domain. However, now we are planning to introduce consumer-based products that are high quality yet easily accessible and affordable for users. We are creating many consumer-based products like e-learning software for students and learners to enhance their learning experience. Regarding our future plans for the coming financial year, we are committed to reach a turnover of Rs 200 -250 crores by 2021 and have 300 employees (200 employees at present) working with us. We will expand our reach to partners and increase our sales resources as well. Our manufacturing and assembly line capacity would increase manifolds to cater to the varied product requirements of all four verticals. We are planning to put one big manufacturing setup in Noida.


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