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Lokendra Singh, MD

Lokendra Singh, Ross Process Equipment

Its organisational charter of “Purpose and Value” define its path, wherein it encourages trust, freedom, continuous learning and development, joy at work and team work, has always provided the team opportunities to participate proactively as a partner with its customers in understanding their concern areas or challenges. As partners, the relationship takes a different view altogether and it is more collaborative rather than just a supply which allows them to upgrade their current process through its range of offered solutions and technology, which converts into making a process more efficient, increasing cost efficiency, adding value to overall output and giving a long lasting peace of mind. Most of its growth both in terms of brand value and business numbers is a direct result of the bestowed customer’s confidence in them.

Innovation has changed the world. IoT, AI, robotics has taken deep root into the modern day factories and machines are more interactive, live, efficient and accessible. Lots of data gets generated in each cycle of activity, and such data when recorded, and through machine learning companies are looking at various means of permutations & combinations to be future ready and stay ahead.  Ross Process Equipment is working at introducing these into its technology, sooner or later it will give added advantage to customers as well. Innovation is its key and it not only works at product level but also at process level.

Our Planetary Mixer innovated few years back in US has benefited the Indian customer with cost efficiencies, cycle time and better output. The same range has been developed for upcoming or to say sprouted segment which is Li-Ion battery in India. The government's push for EVs and their policies will soon allow this business to flourish and it has made itself ready for future by providing end to end solutions for this segment. Right now in India all R&D done for this segment has used its products for creating the basic ingredients of the cells (battery) is what we can claim.

There are many other segments like chemicals, adhesives, sealants, coatings etc wherein it has played an instrumental role in changing the way the customer thinks and allows them to explore many opportunities through its test lab in Pune. The test lab is the greatest example of the innovations wherein it allows customers to innovate their process before planning the capital purchases and we ensure that it has latest innovated equipment in place.


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