Particle counting system


Many laboratories are using automatic particle counters to determine the solid contamination within their fluid samples. For laboratories with high sample quantities, PAMAS has designed the new PAMAS AS3 autosampling system. The system incorporates an automatic measuring process, so that several hundred samples can be analysed per day. Compared to previous versions, the new PAMAS AS3 autosampler comprises of improved key features in relation to reliability, sample preparation, sample handling, flushing and sample diluton. PAMAS AS3 is designed to provide sample analysis of several hundred samples per day, with unattended operation. The system is built using high quality components that are readily available. A short delivery time worldwide is essential to maintain the operation of the system. The new AS3 autosampling system is equipped with an intelligent flushing device which optimises the sequence of samples. It also includes a sample preparation probe that breaks all agglomerates in the fluid before analysis.

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