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MMC Hardmetal India, a subsidiary of Mitsubishi Materials, took IMTEX 2015 by storm by showcasing its stunning array of products and solutions. Some of its engineering marvels included drilling,milling, turning, threading and grooving tools. “We are seriously pursuing the ‘Make in India’ campaign. With things looking up, we have invested big in machines,” said Prashant Sardeshmukh, director, MMC Hardmetal India.

MMC has launched many products for aerospace and the medical engineering industry. “We have launched many new grids. These two industries will grow at a faster rate though India will still be dominated by automotive sector. The major players include Nissan, Suzuki, Volkswagen and General Motors. Everyone wants to grab that Indian market, and manufacture and export from here economically,” he elucidated. Sardeshmukh feels that the market pulse is quite positive at the moment. “The actual results are not seen now but it might take some time. In the last two months we have seen a positive growth in the industry, and whatever the new government has done seems to be working,” he said.

Talking about IMTEX 2015, he noted, “IMTEX is a place where everybody wants to be, and this time it is driven by the ‘Make in India’ campaign. The industry sentiment is positive and hence this year the exhibition is jam-packed. We hope that the next IMTEX will be much bigger. By then, all the businesses would have picked up, and all the policies would have been implemented, and we’d be witnessing its positive effects. This is just the trailer,” he opined enthusiastically.

Going forward, Sardeshmukh stressed that the company will strictly stick to the new government’s strategic plans “We have decided to jump into it and take immediate action. All the stainless steel products we were importing so far will be manufactured in India and supplied to our customers at subsidised rates without compromising on the quality.” The company intends to invest on a larger scale soon after the budget. MMC is also focusing on a variety of corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities.

“We are going to various engineering colleges, and supply free tools, deliver seminar and lectures, and issue free literature as part of students’ education,” Sardeshmukh emphasised.


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