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Features, Imtex 2015

Mazak India, based in Pune, specialises in the manufacture of advanced technology solutions including multi-tasking, 5-axis, milling, turning, CNC controls and automation.At IMTEX 2015, the company exhibited an array of products which were well received by visitors and customers from the industry. According to Vivek Sharma, MD, Mazak India, “The industry is pretty good at this time. Orders, in general, have dramatically improved. Between 2013-14, we witnessed 50% plus, and in the last six months it has gone up by 30%. As of now, there are no major announcements from the company; however, we have few launches coming up.”

Sharma sees a major trend change in the industry. “Earlier we were doing standard machines like producing machines from lowest range to highest range. We had about 300-plus products. Previously it was driven by automotive, and standard horizontal and vertical machines. Now more and more growth is coming from multi-tasking, and 5-axis machining. Even Japan is surprised to see India consuming such high-end technology,” he expressed. R&D is an important part of Mazak. “We launched 40 products.

And now it is giving greater revenues. New controls have been launched. Machines change every three to four months in a particular range. When we develop a product it is not developed looking at a market or markets,” he explained. He said that growth will be coming from major sectors in the next three-four years from the aerospace industry.

“We were mostly dealing with aerospace components for HAL and other defence-related companies, which is quite a small market. Now there is talk about Airbus and Boeing contracts, where the numbers are different. We are strong in aerospace worldwide. Our focus is now shifting to civil and commercial aircrafts, which is big business for us. Oil and gas sector was very positive and was a major growth driver in 2013-14. We did quite well in 2013 although automotive sector was down,” Sharma said.

Talking about future plans, he said, “By 2020, we wish to do exceptionally well in manufacturing and want to maintain a good share in India.” Each requirement is met by different products, but the challenge according to him is not that. “Customers worldwide are price conscious. High investments and producing low-cost goods is the major challenge,” he said.


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