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Jay Shah, MD, Tungaloy India, has worked out various methods of reaching customers. He has some novel ideas too.

You work closely with several industry sectors. Could you tell us a little about how you collaborate for the numerous tools?
We have created a database of all solutions offered by Tungaloy, for each customer segment. And this database is updated, every time we come with a new solution for machining any component. This helps us to gain an entry into the customer’s place. This also helps in working with machine tool suppliers, for offering complete techno commercial offer.
However, though each segment has many customers, who present similar opportunity, for Tungaloy, we treat each customer as a unique customer. Though the solutions can be the same, each customer has his own perspective towards machining and we need to look at offering a solution, looking through his eyes, or placing ourselves in his shoes.
This process has also enriched us with experience and knowledge, which is very important for an organisation like ours.
We believe in offering total efficient solution to machine a given component, rather than working for one off operation..

Considering the range of tools, how do you help customers identify the best tools and also ensure longevity of the tool?
Tungaloy’s team has been trained, time and again on basics of metal cutting. This helps them select a product, considering all aspects of machining – Machine/Material/fixturing and productivity requirements.
To reconfirm the selection, the team can also use Tungaloy’s -TungNavi (Tool selection application). This application also suggests the required torque and power for a selected product for a given application.

You have an exclusive range of tools for numerous industry. What is the kind of global R&D you work on to decide the materials?
Tungaloy introduced a new set of efficient product range – TungForce, in 2015. It was our privilege that the first product launch was attended by 780 noble Indian customers.
TunGForce was delivered by the passionate Tungaloy global R&D team for inducing efficiency in metal cutting. TunGForce products have a great synergy between the grade (metallurgy) and the geometries (tool innovation).
Global Technical Forum is one more effective means by which customers’ voice is given utmost importance to prioritise the new product development. We believe in offering tools and solutions, which gets pulled by the customer, rather than offering solutions, which needs push.

What can we expect from Tungaloy going forward?

Growth is a byproduct of services rendered to our customers. As our bond with our customers grows stronger, the expectations would also be high. We want to be truly perceived as a full line supplier. This means, we deliver every possible solution to our customers.
We want to close in on product gaps so that we are able to offer the best possible product basket to our customers.
In 2017 we started with two major product lines – Solid Endmills for the aerospace segment and Full line of threading solution from (thread turning and thread milling) for general engineering and Oil & Gas segment.
Solid end mills are of Variable helix and Variable pitch design to help improve productivity in machining difficult-to-cut heat-resistant materials.
For threading, we have introduced pressed-to-size chip breaker type inserts for thread turning and fine pitch thread mills to take double sided inserts. We believe Tungaloy would be viewed as one of the trusted partners for threading application.


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