Indexable side and face cutters


Mitsubishi Materials Corporation has launched VAS400, a new indexable side and face cutter. The newly developed product is used for grooving and machining of the side and face portions of automotive parts. The low cutting resistance and high clamping rigidity delivers superior vibration resistance.
The VAS400 cutter has been added to complement the existing range of side and face cutters; the VOX400 for cast iron milling and the ASX400 series for general purpose use. The introduction of VAS400 expands the range of milling applications that are possible using the side and face milling series.
The new cutter body will be available as a made to order item and the new inserts used on the cutter will be available as stock standard items.
Features of the VAS400 indexable side cutter: high-clamping rigidity is achieved through a large seating surface; low-cutting resistance insert is optimised for milling and has been designed using advanced simulation technologies; and corner radius of the insert is specially designed with an optimised convex-curved shape to enable high-precision machining of the corner radii of workpieces.

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