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Anniversary Special

Milestones always bring with them twin reactions. There’s the sense of pride that is associated with the achievement of something great, chased by the bout of prickling anxiety at having to follow it up with an even greater feat. It’s a similar feeling as Manufacturing Today rings in its 7th Anniversary, this month.
For even as the momentous occasion evokes elation at having come this far, we know that the journey has only just begun. This is especially true given that manufacturing is only now coming into its own in the Indian context, and an arduous road awaits those enterprising enough to not only recognise, but also respond to this calling. And that makes our work, at the magazine, all the more relevant.
Having said that, one must admit that it is no easy task keeping up with the sector. After all, we engage with a community that is constantly evolving, while grappling with the challenges of modern-day manufacturing and adapting to the overwhelming ramifications that disruptive technologies bring with them. So how do we do it? Well, we turn to those who know best – the thorough professionals who toil in the shadows, whether in factories, laboratories or boardrooms.
In keeping with that tradition, this issue celebrates their work and efforts in helping to strengthen the manufacturing sector. As we put the spotlight on those who promote excellence within leading manufacturing companies across the country, it dawns on me that we must graciously embrace this milestone and soldier on, much like those belonging to the sector we represent do. And so we shall.
Kudos to them! Kudos to us! And most of all, kudos to the juggernaut that is Indian manufacturing!


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