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Vargus India is happy that its footprint is growing in the Indian market. It has tripled its head count in sales force or sales engineers and quadrupled the number of channel partners in India. “Vargus India is one of our fastest growing subsidiaries,” said David Wolfe, VP, sales & marketing, Vargus Ltd.

The company continuously seeks to provide wider and deeper programmes of tooling solutions for thread milling and currently it has a new catalogue of 408 pages fully dedicated to threading solutions.

The thread milling industry is growing because machining centres are becoming bigger. Machining shop owners and manufacturers realise the advantage of thread milling over thread turning. “About 10 years ago, 90% of our sales were from thread turning, today about 40% comes from thread milling, indexables and solid carbide,” added Wolfe.

Ashok Makhija, MD, Vargus India, says that the company chooses the products that can help customers and benefit them. It also plans the products it will bring out and educates customers accordingly. “An important part of our philosophy is rolling out special and tailor-made solutions. We invest in human and physical resources to answer the growing needs to custom made solutions,” he added.

At its headquarters in Israel, Vargus has a large design and engineering team and the ability to quickly process quotations for specials. It also has an online portal that communicates latest technology to the team and customers and shares specifics required who then get back with quotations.

The state-of-the-art software, Vargus Genius, is an online tool selector and CNC programme generator that is used by everyone who uses Vargus thread milling.


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