IMTEX 2017, United grinding GmbH, sudheendra CR, president, India operations

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United Grinding has a brand called STUDER that has a new platform of machines for internal grinding applications. This year, the company is introducing a model called X121 within this platform of machines. This would be a new launch as far as India is concerned.
STUDER is a part of United Grinding, the company finds it gratifying that a trade fair of this size will allow them to exhibit such modules, which was earlier missing from the portfolio.
He believes that the effect of Make in India is already present in the country, especially when one considers the investments in the automobile sector, where companies are putting up large Greenfield projects at Gujarat and other places. But when automotive suppliers set up shops, it in turn signals activity for machine tool suppliers. Moreover, when competing companies announce plans to sell their products in India, chances are that they will set up infrastructure to produce the goods here. However, he feels that India ought to do much in the way of building machine tool capabilities for aerospace and defence. And while India may have the desire to enter that space in a big way soon, he believes, that we need to gather the wherewithal to pull it off successfully.
Sudheendra would like SMEs in the country to own machines like what his group produces. What deters these companies are the high import taxes, and the domestic interest rate are not so conducive for such equipment.


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