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UCAM introduced two types of machines for business verticals: Nimble Machines and Nimble Electric. The philosophy of Nimble Machines is to offer high precision and high performance machines. The company also had on offer the CNC gear hoppers. The Nova 250 is the new machine it brought in.

In Nimble Electric, UCAM showcased torque motors, and systems using torque motors which are mainly for the defence and aerospace industry.

In rotary indexing tables, which is its bread and butter, it had a new range of rotary indexing tables, the X series. The company intends to make this its workhorse. In this, it also has the H series. However, Babu said that the X series is far superior, although he admits that both have the same diameter sizes, with different specifications.
UCAM India also showcased 4- and 5-axis solutions that could be considered interesting. The direct drive tilting rotary table and the cantilever table are for 5-axis machines.

Any manufacturing business goes through various cycles. But if the machine tool industry is to grow, then manufacturing must grow. Only then will machine tool makers prosper and they can then spend money on R&D and bring in better products for the industry. “People need to be convinced that we have products and solutions that are cost effective and trustworthy. We offer reliable, price competitive, and quick delivery,” added Babu.

In terms of after-sales service, UCAM India’s key customers are automotive. It is for this reason it has employed more after sales people on the ground than service engineers.


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