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Tungaloy India launched a new product range called Toolflo which specialises in threading and thread mill. Shah says that these products are not available with its parent company, Tungaloy.

Along with that, besides showcasing its existing range of products, it also launched a new 8-edge shoulder cutting miller, a complete range of die and mould and also new blades for turbine machining.

“Our interaction with customers is a continuous process. In order that they increase the life span of their tools, we help them buy proper fixtures or also aid in their selection of a proper tool, besides advicing them on the grades they should buy along with the proper coolant,” said Shah.

Ensuring that tools last for a longer time also depends on the customer. The company believes in partnering with the customers and speak to them during numerous sessions and suggest them parameters. There are times, he admits, that customers have their own tie-ups with other vendors, and we let it be, but yes, Tungaloy India believes in suggesting their experience with a particular lubricant. But, Shah says, that in his experience most people are receptive to advice because it helps them save money in the long run.

So how does he look for feedback from customers? Shah says that normally a customer will come to them with a solution he requires. “When we visit a customer we see the various processes and add value and based on that the customer gives us feedback,” he added.


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