IMTEX 2017 – Tal Manufacturing Solutions, Amit Bhingurde, COO

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TAL Manufacturing Solutions is showcasing the Brabo at IMTEX this time. The company is also defecting from certain applications and prefers to showcase handling application, vision application and some machine learning application.
As far as the buying sentiments of consumers are concerned, Bhingurde says there are several aspects to this. Knowing that the Indian product can work just as well as those available internationally, and is highly reliable, offers a kind of satisfaction. What makes Bhingurde happy is providing new technology for the SMEs too. The Brabo is useful across all industries and all applications was an intent that it replace the human arm. While the human arm does not offer so much accuracy and consistency, the Brabo offers both and does the kinds of jobs a human arm can do. It is for this reason that the company ensured that the Brabo would not weight more than 10kg. “We could have gone in for more than 10kg, but according to the ILO (International Labour Organisation), a robot more than 10kg would require us to fulfill certain stipulations and that was not possible now,” he adds.

In a nutshell, the Brabo is meant for those doing dull, dangerous and dirty work.


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