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Schunk has predominately been an innovator. For the last two years, even though the market was not so vibrant in terms of investment, they have been able to provide the industry with innovations, which would help customers optimise and extract greater productivity from existing investments. With this strategy, they have doubled their turnover in the last three years, which translates to an average growth rate of about 25-30%.

“IMTEX is the most important destination for us. It’s possible to take the product to the customer individually, but when it comes to a solution or a concept, you need a platform and that’s where IMTEX helps us. Despite the fact that we have completed one and a half decades in India, IMTEX is still relevant for us,” said Sadasivan.

This time at IMTEX, Industry 4.0, artificial intelligence, IoT, quick changeover systems, and high precision tool holders are major highlights. For example, Schunk have a pick-and-place system, which does two picks-and-place per second, meaning 120 per minute. They also have a six-axis, four stock sensor, which uses artificial intelligence, and a tool changing system in the robots. “With digitisation of communication, the world has come closer. So we are able to see what’s happening in other countries and this has created a lot of interest in the Indian industry to be on par internationally, as far as possible,” he proclaimed.

He pointed out that the government, after a long gap, has been very proactive. And one very significant change that has come about is that the MSME segment is talking about significant investments. That’s exactly where Schunk plans to focus their efforts in the coming months.


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