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IMTEX is one of those shows where any vendor with advanced products for the machine tool industry and manufacturing industry must be present. Igus (India) displayed all its products used in machinery applications. Igus energy chain systems is used for guidance and protection for moving cables and are innovative products that can be assembled quickly. Energy chains (drag chains) offer exceptional lifetimes in adverse conditions while effectively guiding and protecting the moving cables, hoses and other media. These cable carriers have multitude of possibilities in terms of movement or travel strokes possible. High levels of acceleration can be achieved by these drag chains.

Earlier machinery manufacturers would buy individual or several parts for cable management. The company also supplies as a single part which includes 100 or more small parts.

So what users have to do is order the ready chain in one single part number and assemble on the machine. The isense family of igus products consists of various intelligent sensors and monitoring modules. They measure wear during the operation and alarm the user early enough to plan a repair or an exchange. The Igus Communication Module (icom) makes the seamless integration into IT infrastructure possible. This allows scenarios like the continuous monitoring or automatic triggering of in-house maintenance jobs. Thanks to smart plastics, equipment runs continuously and your maintenance costs go down. Improved safety is an additional benefit.

The benefits are reduced maintenance costs, elimination of unplanned downtimes, long service life, increased equipment efficiency, etc.


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