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The German grinding machine expert displayed their state-of-the-art JUCAM 1S 20-18 machine at IMTEX 2017. The newly developed JUCAM 1S 20-18 grinds cams and bearings simultaneously, resulting in very short cycle times. The non-circular grinding machines offer precise grinding results in only one single clamping. Whether camshafts, cam parts or single cams in all series sizes, these machines grind the most variety of work piece forms and types. The spectrum includes diverse cam forms with or without chamfer or radius. Cylindrical/cone shapes are as feasible as concave/convex and polygonal/elliptically formed parts or work pieces with tangent. Generally, the new JUCAM presents a through and through mature machine concept, extending the evolution level to meet greater output quantities. Mechanical, software and technology features have already been tested and proven successful.

“IMTEX 2017 has been the biggest IMTEX so far. We are expecting a huge turnout of potential customers, having specific demands around very high quality, consistency and stabilised processes,” said Badave when we met him during the event. “Apart from this, IMTEX is an ideal platform to understand customers’ growing demands, in terms of Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE), better tool life and less non-productive time. More and more customers have become high-quality conscious, and are looking for better tool life and consistency of operations,” he further added.

The company is therefore keen to offer a wide range of solutions for various applications such as cutting tool production machines, high-end two wheelers & automotive products, compressors, electrical motors for electrical vehicles, the renewable power industry etc.


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