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The German company, which started its India operations in 2005, has come a long way since then and now wishes to move from prototyping into production. “From a production perspective, we are now launching new machines in this category. There are various applications in 3D printers; one is the personal printer, another is the office printer and there is also an industrial printer. We offer industrial printers to customers in the manufacturing space,” said Prakasam.

The company focuses more on applications within aerospace and medical devices. EOS has evolved from industrial RP or rapid prototyping to additive manufacturing, today. They recognise that additive manufacturing has become integral to manufacturing, and as a company, they provide the machine, material, and process chain for the additive manufacturing process, while the entire production happens in Germany itself.

Anand Prakasam, Country Head

Even though additive manufacturing is more than 20 years old globally, it has been used only for prototyping until about 5-8 years back. “We see more of this coming into manufacturing or production, and in India, this has been happening for the last five years. The biggest industry that is driving this change in India is aerospace and suppliers of aerospace, while the second industry that drives it is the dental industry, the third being automotive,” added Prakasam. EOS engages in a lot of product development, and invests heavily in R&D, spending around 15% of its revenue on R&D activities.

“We have displayed our entry level machine at IMTEX. This is a production machine for dental applications, and we have a few laboratories that are already using it. The machine is also a good starting point for somebody to understand how to use such a machine, the material and the process. The second launch is Additive Minds, that’s our consulting programme, which is very unique to EOS,” he said about IMTEX, adding that there were some serious engagements with customers across industries.


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