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At a time when everybody talks about innovation and automation, Siemens feels very strongly about digitalisation. Singh says that digitalisation addresses the core issues of productivity. “If we speak about shorter time to market and increased flexibility, they all revolve around gaining higher productivity from the machines one is using. Today our end users face challenges about extracting complete productrivity from the machine. For instance, a customer could be producing a component in 15 seconds. Our emphasis is finding a way to do the same job in 14 seconds. What we need to understand is ways to achieve that.”

Digitalisation anticipates every aspect of manufacturing and even informs about the machine health and makes companies more aware about the machine health and shop floor condition.

Machine tool manufacturers and manufacturing companies are benefiting much from the opportunities created by digitalisation, and are systematically enhancing their competitive edge. Siemens has ensured that it has an extensive range of automation and digitalisation solutions, which can reduce the time to market and increase production flexibility and efficiency increased significantly. It is the only company to offer both an end-to-end CAD/CAM-CNC process chain and solutions for networking machine tools and higher-level IT systems.

Digital enterprises is Siemens’ key offering as it is the only company offering such a solution right from a software solution to automation solution to finally a service solution for the complete value chain of a industry. And all this right from the product design to the service part.

The company also has solutions for target industry groups. “So if you are talking about a small job shop customer then we have a solution that is more suited to them. A tour of our booth will teach you about digitalisation in service. Even a job shop owner can use this to receive information (SMS, email, etc) about the state of the machine by attaching a module on the CNC machine. For large scal companies with operations in several countries, the company has a Cloud based solution based on Mindshare.

Its virtual part production is for those components where the cost of making a mistake is high. Or the time required to realise that component is high.


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