HHV opens carbide tools recycling plant


The Benguluru-based Hind High Vacuum Co. Pvt Ltd (HHV) recently announced that it has opened a Tungsten Carbide tools recycling plant. This plant has been made with state-of-the-art engineering and design and successfully installed at the customer site. The advancement in power metallurgy has led to the development of high performance special tools made of tungsten carbide. These tools are used in a variety of applications like drilling, cutting, boring, etc. Since tungsten is a very limited mineral resource available only in a few countries and the disposal of carbide tools has an impact on the environment, there is a large demand for recycling of used tungsten carbide tools.

On the carbide tool recycling plant, Nagarjun Sakhamuri, MD , HHV said, “As the use of tungsten carbide tools in various industries is increasing exponentially in recent years, HHV’s recycling system is bound to gain popularity in the years to come.” The furnace in the plant is designed for a maximum temperature of 9800C using special type heating elements to heat the vacuum and charge bell.


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