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Germany-based, Heidenhain develops and manufactures linear and angle encoders, rotary encoders, digital readouts, and numerical controls for demanding positioning tasks. At IMTEX 2015, the company focused on its latest linear and angle encoders and TNC 640 control. In the latest Version 4, the software provides a whole range of new and improved functions:

Unique, true-to-detail 3D simulation graphic of the TNC 640 enables the operator to identify missing information or inconsistencies in the programme prior to machining and without any risks to work pieces, tools or machines. This means that one can detect critical situations, carry out necessary modifications and avoid rejects and damage.

The capability to combine milling and turning in any sequence on a single machine with the TNC 640 is also highly practical and efficient, with the control simply alternating between turning and milling mode according to the programme, and completely independent of the machine and axis configuration. The operator defines both milling and turning contours using the standard path functions or with free contour programming, and turning programmes are created as always with Heidenhain conversational programming.

In this way the TNC 640 not only saves space and money otherwise needed for a second machine, but it also avoids inaccuracies that may occur when rechucking workpieces. “IMTEX is a good opportunity for us to showcase our products and connect with the industry. The mood here is very positive and upbeat,” said AP Jayanthram, MD, Heidenhain India. At IMTEX 2015, Heidenhain rounded off its product presentation with detailed information about

its service and training measures. The company showed visitors that customer proximity and a practical focus not only provides workshop-oriented products, but also customer-friendly support across the complete operating life. This includes qualified training events for users at the Heidenhain India Training Centre and intensive support from Heidenhain Service, helping customers with useful advice and assistance with hardware and software issues. Heidenhain (India) gives technical and commercial support to customers offering test and repair equipment for Heidenhain controls as well as for linear and rotary encoders. Heidenhain products are used primarily in high-precision machine tools as well as in plants for the production and processing of electronic components.


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