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Haas Automation, Inc.’s range of GR CNC gantry routers are now fitted with chip guards as standard, further increasing the safety and cleanliness of the machines. The company’s design team has created an innovative enclosure based on full-perimeter light curtains for these very successful, gantry-style machines. Designed to keep operators and moving components apart, the concept for the travelling guard is simple: chips and coolant inside, people outside! Featuring a powerful 40-taper milling head, GR routers are available in two model configurations: the GR-510 and the GR-712. While the former offers travel in the X, Y and Z axes of 3073 x 1549 x 279 mm respectively, the latter offers customers longer X and Y travels of 3683 x 2159 mm, and the same 279 mm Z-axis. Each GR gantry router has a 10,000rpm, 11.2 kW vector drive spindle that provides the power to cut a wide range of different metals, and the speed to cut various plastics and additional light materials.

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